Advertising Opportunities

All items are due January 17, 2025 unless otherwise noted

Please find artwork specifications here.

Show Directory Advertising


The Show Directory is a proven, lasting resource for attendees. Best of all, the Directory is referenced throughout the year to seek needed suppliers, products and services. Reserve your advertising space today and enjoy referrals all year long!

Half-Page, Run of Book
$850 IPC Member, $1065 Nonmember 
Full-Page, Run of Book
$1,500 IPC Member, $1,875 Nonmember
Two-Page Spread, Run of Book
$2,000 Member, $2,500 Nonmember
Inside Front Cover* 
$2,500 IPC Member, $3,125 Nonmember
Inside Back Cover* 
$2,500 IPC Member, $3,125 Nonmember
Outside Back Cover* 
$4,000 IPC Member, $5,200 Nonmember
Additional Directory Listing
$1,000 IPC Member, $1,250 Nonmember

*One advertiser position available for each of the Premium Positions in the Show Directory (inside covers). Orders are fulfilled on a first come, first served basis upon receipt of payment and submission of insertion order. Location of all other ads are Run of Book.


Conference e-Brochure Digital Ads 

Artwork due October 11, 2024


Increase your brand awareness by reaching the largest audience possible through a digital ad in the conference e-brochure. Your digital ad is expected to achieve 500,000 plus impressions from a global audience including: US, Asia, Mexico, France, UK, and Germany

$2,000 IPC Member, $2,500 Nonmember

$1,500 IPC Member, $1,875 Nonmember     

Order form to include orientation for each ad vertical or horizontal.

Pocket Guide (Exclusive)

$5,500 IPC Member, $6,875 Nonmember
The Pocket Guide is included as an insert in every Show Directory; and referred to just as often! Your company’s message will be on the bottom 1/3 of the front of the Pocket Guide for maximum visibility.


Preshow E-mail Banner


Due: 10 days prior to each e-mail
Picture this — your company's large-tile banner in front of thousands of potential attendees and customers before the show even begins! Promote your company and increase visibility with budget-friendly banner advertising that will be incorporated into official IPC APEX EXPO e-mail promotions.  Distribution reaches 80,000+.

Three positions are available per email. Orders are taken on a first come, first served basis. Orders and artwork are due 10 days prior to schedule e-mail date.

Prospective Attendee E-mail Schedule:

E-mail #1- October
$1,500 IPC Member, $1,875 Nonmember

E-mail #2 - November
$1,500 IPC Member, $1,875 Nonmember

E-mail #3 – December
$1,500 IPC Member, $1,875 Nonmember

E-mail #4 – January
$1,500 IPC Member, $1,875 Nonmember

E-mail #5 – February 
$1,500 IPC Member, $1,875 Nonmember

E-mail #6 – Late February/ Early March
$1,500 IPC Member, $1,875 Nonmember

Email Banner Package


$7,500 IPC Member, $9,375 Nonmember
With the E-mail banner package you will get an email banner on all the above listed emails.

Signage Advertising within the Convention Center

Advertisement Board


$1,500 for IPC Member, $1,875 Nonmember
Your company’s custom designed meter board (1 m wide x 2.5 m high) is placed on the Main Aisle in the exhibit hall, delivering your message to purchase-authorizing professionals. All signs are two-sided. 

Exhibitor Product Showcase Corridor - Not just for New Products!


$600 for IPC Member, $800 Nonmember 
Is your company displaying a new product or announcing a new service at the show?  Do you have a top-selling or unique product you would like to promote and highlight while at the show?  If so, consider purchasing a custom designed display board in the Exhibitor Product Showcase Corridor to maximize your exposure and to expand your brand.