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Attendee Lists

Both the pre and post-virtual attendee lists are available complimentary for IPC members and available for a nominal fee for nonmembers.

Pre-show List
Available February 22, 2021

Use the pre-registered attendee list to send your show-specific material to motivated and highly qualified individuals, ready to do business with you! This list must be requested by March 1, 2021.
Complimentary to IPC Members and only $200 for Nonmembers.

Post-show List
Available March 29, 2021

After the show, let your investment continue by using the post-show verified attendee list to reach out to those that may not have had the chance to connect with you. This list must requested by April 8, 2021.
Complimentary to IPC Members and only 
$300 for Nonmembers.

Lists will be e-mailed to those exhibitors that order them on the date they are available.

List Rental Policy

All lists are the sole property of IPC. They are available for a one-time use to exhibitors, and are not to be incorporated into the exhibiting company's database in any part. By requesting lists, you agree not to share, sell or copy any part of the list. Publicizing your participation in other trade shows using these lists is expressly forbidden. Companies who violate this policy will be required to use a bonded mail house for three consecutive years following the violations. The mail house will receive the list from IPC for a one-time use only after approval from IPC of the mailing piece. This includes direct mail and e-mail.

Registration lists are provided by e-mail as a Microsoft Excel file. Lists include Name, Title, Company Name, Street Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code and Country. Lists will not include exhibitor booth staff. E-mail addresses will be included for those attendees that indicate they wish to receive e-mails from exhibitors. You may use these e-mail addresses for a one-time e-mail broadcast only. These individuals may also be included in a one-time hard copy mailing as well.