IPC Management Meetings

IPC hosts two leadership events focused on honing management skills through peer learning and drive your business’ productivity and profitability by addressing topics of highest importance for the time.

We invite you to join us for the IPC Managers Forum or annual IPC EMS Management Meeting to hear from industry leaders and exchange ideas on key issues driving business success.

Between trade wars, a pandemic, a resulting economic downturn coupled with staffing shortages and demand shifts, the industry has been through a significant period of change. Learning from change is as crucial as managing through it. For this reason, the EMS Management Meeting joins the Managers Forum to discuss “Managing Challenges in Periods of Transition,” with joint keynotes on the post-election landscape, OEM viewpoint on learning from change, and an industry wide panel discussion on “Lessons Learned in Managing Supply Chain Disruption and Strategies for the Future,” featuring Chris Mitchell, Vice President Global Government Relations, IPC; Jeanie Wade, Vice President Operations, Northrop Grumman, and panelists from FTG, Rogers Corporation, Cirtronics, and Northrop Grumman.


Presented by the Raymond E. Pritchard Hall of Fame Council

Designed to prepare new and experienced managers in the electronics industry to thrive through trade wars and the global recovery of the COVID-19 pandemic. Global experts, executives, managers, and innovators will present and lead discussions on a wide range of topics, important for managing in times of transition and emerging stronger.

Topics include:

  • Technical Support and New Product Development in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Going Forward: Evaluating and Validating New Products and Processes for PCB Fabrication
  • Managing the Supply Chain During Periods of Uncertainty
  • Transitioning to Factory 4.0 - How AI Can Help Small Companies
  • Vertical Integration, Pros & Cons: Why We Chose United States for New Manufacturing Sites
  • Certainties to Expect from the Unexpected and the Resulting Challenges & Changes

Hear from experts such as:

  • President of Atotech Electronics
  • CEO of Green Circuits
  • Vice President of Operations of Northrop Grumman
  • Presidents of two United States Fabricators
  • Two members of IPC’s Board of Directors
  • Senior Vice President and General Manager of Rogers’ Advanced Connectivity Solutions
  • The first two-time winner of IPC’s Innovation Award (2019 and 2020) And more!

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The EMS Management meeting provides EMS executives with the opportunity to meet with peers, share experiences, and work toward solutions to the most pressing issues facing the industry. Get updates on current trends and strategies impacting your business from financial, policy, and business leaders. Benefit from the experiences of your peers as you share best practices for managing through this unprecedented time, resolving business challenges, and taking advantage of arising opportunities to be more productive and profitable.

Attendance Requirement: must be a senior level executive of an EMS company

This event brings EMS leaders together to discuss key issues driving business success such as:

  • IPC’s industry intelligence initiatives
  • Global EMS market updates
  • Economic impacts
  • Emerging technology
  • Supply chain management
  • Factory of the Future

Experts invited to share their insights or lead discussions include:

  • Jack Calderon and Chaim Lubin, Lincoln International
  • Jeanie Wade, Northrop Grumman
  • David Patterson, Cirtronics
  • Matt Kelly, Chief Technologist, IPC
  • Chris Mitchell, VP of Global Government Relations, IPC
  • John Mitchell, President and CEO, IPC
  • Expert panel from Arrow

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Registration Options

IPC Managers Forum: $425 Member / $525 Nonmember

IPC EMS Management Meeting: $545 Member / $700 Nonmember

Free as part of the All-Access Package!