Online Exhibit Hall Instructions

Online Exhibit Hall Instructions

To ensure you get the most out of your company profile via the online exhibit hall, please be sure to watch this video in its entirety before you get started. A link to this video is also available on the dashboard of the platform after the login page,

Make sure to utilize all of the Available Features!

  • Company Description
  • Company listing by Product Categories
  • Ability to upload company Logo
  • Publish Press Releases
  • Schedule Appointments with Attendees via Appointment Calendar
  • Select your Company Focuses for match making with technical conference and professional development course attendees. 

Appointment Calendar

The appointment calendar allows attendees to request appointments with you. 

IMPORTANT!  In order to receive appointment requests, you must “opt in” within your company profile. If you do not OPT IN to receive these appointment requests, attendees will receive a message that you are not accepting appointments for this show.

For your Sales Team

Once exhibitor registration is open, be se sure to register your sales team which will allow them to create an individual profile in the online exhibit hall so they can connect with attendees.

Exhibitor Registration – Opens in Early February! 

Please do not register anyone from your company or your sales staff as an attendee unless they are registering for a paid package.  Anyone representing an exhibiting company should be registered as an exhibitor under the exhibiting company name.  Exhibitor Registration includes the same benefits as the Event Essentials registration package and is free of charge.