Meeting Room and Exhibitor Networking Functions

Hospitality Policy (Meeting Rooms & Exhibitor Networking Functions)

For over 60 years, IPC has been consistent in its policy requesting that no one conduct or sponsor hospitality suites at IPC events. Any function that is not part of the "official program" is prohibited. The prohibited functions may include but are not limited to: banquets, breakfasts, luncheons, parties, hospitality suites, meetings, seminars, technical programs, sporting events, social functions or any other program during the event, from the first meeting to the close of the event.

What is allowed?

You are always allowed to meet with your employees and customers. However, any function during the "official program" and event hours is prohibited. Additional functions are allowed, with proper authorization:

  • Authorized exhibitor networking functions on Wednesday, March 10, 2021.
  • Providing a place where only employees may eat lunch and/or unwind at the end of the day.
  • Staff meetings (training or informational).
  • Sales representative meetings (training or informational).
  • Focus Groups
  • Meetings with your company's distributors or manufacturer's representatives.
  • Holding one-on-one customer meetings.
  • Treating a few customers, ten (10) people maximum (including staff) to a meal.

IPC official hotels are obligated, under the IPC contract, to notify IPC of any requests for function space at their property during the IPC APEX EXPO event. They will require an authorization letter from IPC Show Management in accordance with the IPC Hospitality Policy. Once you have received an authorization, all further correspondence regarding your meeting space and meeting requirements must be communicated directly with the hotel. You are responsible for booking your own meeting room.

Meetings and Exhibitor Networking Functions must receive prior authorization from IPC Show Management. Authorization for your Meeting or Exhibitor Networking Function must be obtained by completing the Meeting Authorization Form. Occasionally, more information is needed in order to process the authorization, which may cause a delay. Form edits are below, please link to updated form.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited availability, meeting rooms at the San Diego Convention Center will only be available to exhibitors on Monday. Exhibitors requiring a meeting room on any other day are advised to reserve space at one of the official event hotels.

Submit Meeting Authorization Form


Any company found in violation of the IPC Hospitality Policy will be subject to the following for the next year's event:

  • Company will be moved to the end of the space selection process (regardless of the lottery number drawn).
  • Booth size will be reduced by 50%.
  • Company may be barred from exhibiting altogether.