Insights on NextGen Packaging: Needs for uHDI and IC Substrates

Thursday, April 11
8:30 AM-11:00 AM

Led by IPC’s CTO, Matt Kelly, Insights on NextGen Packaging: Needs for uHDI and IC Substrates will provide the latest insights on next generation IC-substrate and uHDI needs for next generation advanced packages from industry experts. Application workloads including AI, high performance computing, 5G/6G wireless communications, among others are driving the need for faster, higher bandwidth, more powerful processors, and memory. Significant changes in semiconductor architectures and designs using chiplet-based, heterogeneous integration approaches are well underway. These changes directly impact IC-substrates that interconnect directly with semiconductor chips and uHDI printed circuit boards needed to connect the electronic package to the rest of the system. Please join us for this important session that will provide a ‘big picture’ of the needs for next generation substrates, insights on the challenges of fabricating uHDI PCBs versus IC-substrates, discussion on next-generation organic build-up substrate advancements, and future substrate R&D needs and challenges. Speakers representing companies such as Intel, AT&S, Resonac, AMKOR, and Dia Nippon Printing will dive deeper into these important issues.

EV Electronics: Design, Manufacturing, and Reliability Challenges

Thursday, April 11
11:30 AM-2:00 PM 

EV Electronics: Design, Manufacturing, and Reliability Challenges will include two topical sessions, selected by a Technical Program Committee of EV industry experts, chaired by Dr. Stanton Rak. The first session, “PCBA Reliability and Test for EV Applications,” will be moderated by Lenora Clark, Director of Autonomous Driving and Safety Technology at MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions. Topics will include high voltage test and reliability, solder and Ag-sintering material reliability, high-voltage PCB failure mechanisms and testing protection materials. Dr. Udo Welzel, Senior Expert at Robert Bosch, will moderate the second topical session, “EV Power Electronics Design and Manufacturability.” Speakers representing companies such as Semikron Danfoss, Rober Bosch, Zestron, Indium Corporation, MiroTek, and TRUMPF will deliver brief technical presentations followed by panel discussion with audience participation. Topics will include high current and high voltage connections with PCB, laser welding for busbars, power electronics, and more. The e-Mobility session is supported by IPC’s e-Mobility Quality & Reliability Advisory Council, and closely aligns with the council’s mission to help deliver e-Mobility quality, reliability and safety while protecting the drive for innovation.

TPCA Session: Taiwan High-Tech Forum

Wednesday, April 10
9:15 AM-4:15 PM

To showcase the comprehensive strength of Taiwan's electronic industry chain, TPCA plans to host the Taiwan High-Tech Forum on April 10. This forum will invite semiconductor industry leaders like TSMC, SPIL, prominent PCB manufacturers such as Unimicron, Nan Ya PCB, Kinsus, CHPT, and experts from EMC and Nan Ya Plastics, and ITRI to share their expertise and insights. Join us to explore and gain profound insights into the latest technological trends.

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