IPC World Championship Hand Soldering and Rework Competition

IPC Worldwide Hand Soldering Championship at IPC APEX EXPO 2019 - January 29-30
Who's the Best of the Best in Hand Soldering?

IPC APEX EXPO 2019 will include the new IPC World Championship Hand Soldering and Rework Competition!

Competitors will be presented with a soldered assembly that will be partially populated with components. Contestants will be required to remove 6 specific components, remove the old solder, and clean the area of removed components. The competitor’s time to completion is paused while an IPC Master Instructor evaluates the removal results and scores the board according to the IPC Standards.

Once the evaluation is completed, time to completion will resume and the competitor will be required to place and solder all the 82 required components including new parts in place of the removed components. The competitors will have a total of 90 minutes to complete the rework and soldering of the circuit board.

This competition will require steady hands, nerves of steel, and a will of iron.

Competitors from around the world representing Britain, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and Thailand will compete for the crown and the title of first ever World Hand Soldering and Rework Champion.

The Competition will take place on Tuesday, January 29 and Wednesday, January 30

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